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What planted the seed which grew to become the New Blossoms New Life Foundation


Life is composed of moments. In one moment, a couple discovers they are to become parents after years of struggling with infertility.  In another, that same couple loses their miracle child in a tragic accident just 24 days after her second birthday.


This is what Chris and Renea’ Kovski experienced. It was from this tragedy that the desire to help other couples to know the same joy that their daughter, Margaret Amelia Carey Kovski, brought to them. Thus, planting the seed in which would become the New Blossoms New Life Foundation.





































New Blossoms New Life Foundation provides grants to couples to pay for in vitro fertilization (IVF) in conjunction with Infertility Specialists from the University Hospitals in Cleveland. In addition, the Foundation offers an infertility support group that is open to anyone struggling with infertility, whether they are associated with the Foundation or not. To date, 108 couples have been assisted by New Blossoms New Life Foundation grants with 98 babies born through IVF. 


As the Foundation has grown, it has been blessed with dedicated volunteers, some of whom are recipients of or applicants for grants from the Foundation some of whom never received grants but suffered from infertility and some who have never struggled with infertility but believe in the mission of New Blossoms New Life Foundation.


As an applicant for a grant through New Blossoms New Life Foundation, you will be given consideration based on a number of factors.  You will also be given the opportunity to participate in our support group every month, where you will have the chance to interact with others facing the same issues you are.  Most importantly, you will be given the love and support that will help you get through the days, weeks, and months ahead.


Welcome to the New Blossoms New Life Foundation, and good luck in your journey to have a child.  We’re here for you.

Their Story…

Chris and Renea’ met later in life and fell in love.  They talked about all the dreams they had - one of the most important to the both of them was having a family.  So soon after their wedding they began to try to have a baby.  Knowing that Renea’ had some medical issues they spoke to a doctor early on.  And, even though infertility is not typically diagnosed until after one year of trying to conceive, their doctor agreed that after six months of trying naturally they would be able to try a more aggressive approach.  


At the end of six months they still had not been able to get pregnant.  That is when the doctor told them that the only option for them would be in-vitro fertilization (IVF).    In April of 2003 they began the IVF journey.  Their first attempt barely got off the ground before it had to be called off because Renea’ did not produce the eggs necessary to continue.  On their second attempt they were delighted to find out that they were pregnant.  Sadly, Renea’ miscarried at 9 weeks gestation.  This devastated them because only 3 weeks before this they got to see and hear the heartbeat.  It was what they had dreamed of for so long and then it was just over without any warning.  Chris and Renea’ decided to take a little time off to let us both heal, Chris emotionally and Renea’ both emotionally and physically.


Even though Renea’ had little hope of ever getting pregnant they went back for their 3rd IVF.  With this attempt Chris and Renea’ were called by the lab and told that only one egg matured.  This again was devastating news but they decided to continue on and with the grace of God, they got pregnant.  This pregnancy was considered a high risk pregnancy because of Renea’s history, but they were cautiously optimistic.  With the medical problems that Renea’ had, she had to give herself 7 shots a day during the whole pregnancy.  She didn’t care; she was determined to make this pregnancy work. 


In May of 2005 Renea’ gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Margaret Amelia Carey Kovski, (Maggie).  There are not words to describe their happiness.   Maggie was the answer to their prayers.  She made them laugh; she made them cry in joy;  but most of all she made them whole.  Maggie was their little daredevil, tomboy, and Princess Margaret all at the same time.   She loved being outside, playing in mud puddles or her sandbox, taking a walk or a ride on their Kawasaki Mule down the road to see the cows (which she called boo cows).    But she still was pretty as a princess in a frilly dress.  We will just say; she was their world.


But on May 30, 2007 their world came crashing down when Maggie tragically drowned in a friend's pond.   In her memory, New Blossoms New Life Foundation was created as a living legacy for the little girl who brought joy to so many.

Mission Statement

New Blossoms New Life Foundation provides financial assistance and emotional support to couples challenged with infertility with the goal of helping them have a child. New Blossoms New Life Foundation awards grants for costly fertility treatments, as well as, provides mentoring, counseling, and community education.


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