The following is a list of requirements for applying for a grant from New Blossoms. Please read them over carefully before submitting your application.  

  • Must have had a consultation with a fertility specialist at UH Ahuja Medical Center in Beachwood, OH. The number to call to set up an appointment is 216-286-6551.

  • Must reside in the tri-county area (Erie, Crawford, or Warren counties).

  • Female patients must be 39 or younger when starting the IVF cycle. (As of 2018, patient's age is a guideline, not a requirement, and is subject to the recommendation of the fertility specialist.)

  • Must be legally married.

  • Must have no more than one child.

  • Your total household income is taken into consideration when choosing applicants. (A copy of your most recent W2 is required).

  • You will be responsible to cover the cost of your medications.

  • You are required to have completed 2 cycles of IUI's. (unless your treating specialist at UH Ahuja Medical Center has advised a different protocol)

  • You will be required to attend a mandatory informational meeting before a grant can be rewarded.

  • You will be required to complete service hours prior to starting IVF cycle.

  • There is a $25.00 application fee that must be received prior to processing your application. This fee will cover two consecutive selection cycles. 


Click here to download the 2021-2022 grant application.


New Blossoms New Life Foundation awards grants throughout the year.   The number of grants, as well as the timing of when they are awarded, is completely determined by the amount of money we are able to earn during fundraiser efforts throughout the year.   


If you have any questions, please send an email to


We here at New Blossoms have also experienced the agony of infertility. We are hoping to help as many couples as possible.   All applications are reviewed and if you are not selected immediately that does not mean that you will not be selected in the future.   

Thank you for your interest in our foundation,
New Blossoms New Life Foundation Board of Directors


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