Thank you for being kind-hearted enough to help one of our fellow recipients as they deal with something we hope no one else has to endure.


From Emily on September 20th -

The news we received last Thursday wasn't what we were expecting to hear. When the doctors went in to do the procedure they found a large tumor on his right lung. Surgery isn't an option & if he tried chemo it may only extend his life a few more weeks or it could shorten it & he could end up hospitalized. We've spent hours talking with the doctors & going over options. Chad has decided to choose quality versus quantity of life.


The doctors didn't give him a number of days but it's most likely less than 6 months. We came home Monday. He's currently on oxygen but is doing ok. The hospice nurses are working on getting him an oxygen machine that is more portable so we can get out & enjoy as much time together as we can.


All money donated through this page will be send to Chad and Emily Ewings to use how they wish during upcoming months.      Chad’s health will dictate a lot of what they do but our goal is to raise enough to send Chad, Emily, Evan, and Maria for an all-expenses-paid weekend away at one of their favorite places, Ellicottville, NY.


Let's all show them what the New Blossoms family is willing to do for each other.


Donations can be made online by clicking the DONATE button below.   


Over the next few months, sending a cards is also a great idea.   Here is Chad’s address –

Chad Ewings -1193 Amy Avenue, Erie, PA  16504







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